A Focus Point For Your Ecommerce

OnePatch’s dashboard is at the centre of why our software is so effective. It is the ultimate reference point to which online sellers can go to for analysis on their Ecommerce success. All activity and outcome across all platforms are placed in the one system to allow you to identify success and need for improvements as efficiently as possible.

What Makes It So Impressive

Our dashboard contains everything an online seller would need to keep track of their performance in the online market such as:

  • Total sale value across all channels
  • Individual selling platform’s sale value
  • Top selling products across all channels
  • All active and completed orders across all channels

These are just a few of the many dashboard features that make an online merchant’s job so much easier. Overall, our dashboard is all about efficiency and saving our user’s time. By having one centralised information center for all of an Ecommerce merchants online selling platforms we allow them to gain a clear understanding of their business performance with the upmost ease.


Start your OnePatch journey today

Start your OnePatch journey today

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